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What is the lewis structure of ch3s(o)ch3

Draw the Lewis structure for methanol,.
30.11.2007  Draw the Lewis structure for methanol, Ch3OH. First draw the CH3 part, and then add O and H.? 5 years ago; Report Abuse
Number of results: 7,650 Chemistry So I thought i finally had figured out how to balance these equations but now this one with the formula in it has confused me again.
Lewis Structure O

What does the compound C2H6O2 look like.
28.01.2008  Best Answer: the central atom will be carbon and the structure is H .I H-C-O-H .I H Draw 2 lone pair of electrons on oxygen (1 pair above it

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My textbook gives pka values of 15.5 for CH3OH and 15.7 for HOH, and justifies them by saying that -OCH3 is a better leaving group (so worse nucleophi
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What is the lewis structure of ch3s(o)ch3

Lewis structure for (CH3)4NCl, a salt..

If CH3 is more electron-donating than H,.

i am attempting to figure out the lewis structure/ bonding scheme for CH3NCO. so far i have: O=C=C-N-H l l H H the Hs are attached to the second C then the N
Excerpt: nfiguration of sodium cation is 1s22s2sp6, which is neon-like. The electronic configuration of fluoride anion is also 1s22s2sp6, which is neon-like.
1. Complete the Lewis structure for the molecule: CH3 O : : CH3-C-C-C-N (just think that : is equal to a single bond, i didnt know how to make a straight line
01.09.2008  Best Answer: it might be an ether? CH3-O-CH2OH you said that one of them was ch3-o-o-ch3 with two lone pairs on each of the oxygens? then i think the
Okay, so I've already lost all possible points on this question and it's been bugging me so I just want to know what the answer is so I can go to sleep without having
Yahoo! Canada Answers - How do you draw.

What is the lewis structure of ch3s(o)ch3

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